an organisation.
a movement.
a collective.

You are never alone as a Christian student, graduate or young professional. Here, you’ve found your people, your culture, your collective. We’re here to encourage, equip and inspire you in your Christian life, joining together with others of the same convictions, to follow Christ, cultivate culture and establish Christ’s Kingdom.

for every student,

You are on the frontlines of many of the political, theological and cultural issues that face our world today. We don’t want to leave you stranded. We’re here for every situation, every battle, every dragon you might face. We want to help you navigate the real world, with real Christianity; to cultivate a tangible Christian culture in your own life; to see that the world is there for the taking, and Christ can use us to establish his Kingdom.


Underground Hymns: Christmas

For generations, Christians have gathered together to worship Christ on the celebration of his birth. Tonight, we step into that long line of faithful Christians; that legacy of worshippers. With carols and sung worship led by Joel Shaw Music, and a five-minute reminder of the magnitude of Christmas and the Gospel, this night is set to be huge. Set off the Christmas season properly!

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